WhatsApp, how to change the admin of a group

WhatsApp, how to change the admin of a group

Released in January 2010 and bought by Facebook in February 2014 for nearly $ 20 billion, WhatsApp Messenger managed to go from an app created by two former Yahoo employees that was constantly crashing in its early days to becoming the queen. of mobile messaging, with more than a million users around the world using it on a daily basis and has resulted in rivals such as Line or Telegram have nothing to do with WhatsApp. And like all social networks, this app has many basic functions that we need to know, such as unsubscribing from managing a group.

How to change the administrator of a group

The idea of ​​creating closed groups of contacts so that more than two users could talk has proved to be one of the biggest successes that WhatsApp has had, and it is normal for a user to be part of at least one or two groups, for example one of the family. and another with close friends, or if you work in an editorial office or in a group, a business chat with your colleagues. In group chats there is a simple one hierarchy, which is divided into Directors and Participants .

The good thing about being an admin is that you have control over who to admit or delete, change your group name or change your profile picture. But if we want to stop being them and let someone else take over, nothing could be easier.

Any administrator of a group can appoint another participant as an administrator And give them the check though want to delegate activities or just want to be a participant. There is no limit to the number of admins a group can have, but it’s better to be one or two if we don’t want to see a different profile photo and group name every day. For designate a participant as an administrator do the following:

Step 1

Open the chat of group e click on its header to go to the screen that contains the data of the group, such as the participants that compose it. Here we can add new contacts to the group, change the name And view all participants that make it up

Step 2

After choosing who of those present will be the new administrator, not you have to do is long press on the contact until a Pop-up window appears with various options such as sending a message, deleting or the one we are interested in: making him group administrator . We just hit that. Now we can have him as an admin with us or leave him and retire to be just a participant.

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