WhatsApp: how to write in bold, underline or italics

WhatsApp: how to write in bold, underline or italics

You might think that writing in bold on WhatsApp is too complicated, but today we will explain not only how to make the characters of your chats darker, but even how to make the text underline and italics!

More than 2 billion people use it every month, which equates to nearly 1/4 of the world’s population. WhatsApp is one of those apps that have crossed the barrier of mere applications and together with other elements of electronic culture such as emojis, has left a mark on society, day by day.

And like any multitasking app, WhatsApp hides dozens of unknown functionssmall tricks that make the experience easier and / or varied during use.

The two ways to change the text format on WhatsApp

In Word, Pages and other word processors we are used to changing the format of text with a single button. This way we can insert a quote in italics, underline the titles or highlight a particular name in bold type.

And you can do the same on Whatsappsince a few years ago the messaging app allowed a change of text format among its functions.

In fact, it gives you two options, in real time as you write your message or when you did and just before sending it. Both methods are equally simple, only one requires you to remember to enter two punctuation marks and the other to press the screen a couple of times.

1) As you write the message

To have Italic

To make the text italic, insert an underscore before and after the text.


Character in bold on WhatsApp

To type bold text, insert an asterisk before and after the text.


here is the strikethrough text

To type strikethrough text, place a check mark before and after the text.

~ text ~


To type monospaced text, insert three back quotes before and after the text.

“` Text “`

2) After writing the message

On Android

You can press and hold on the text you are writing > More> and select Bold, Italic, Strikethrough or Monospaced.

On iPhone

You can press and hold on the text you are writing > MORE> And select Bold, Italic or Strikethrough.

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