WhatsApp trick: create and send stickers with sounds

WhatsApp trick: create and send stickers with sounds

Created in Japan as emojis, the stickers started being developed for the Line messaging app and in 2013 they started coming out of Asia to penetrate western social networks and services, and they themselves are a mixture of designs and emojis similar to the smilies with which we can either represent an action, an emotion or simply place the crown of a king on a photo of our dog.

Animated stickers

How to use these digital stickers? Well, that’s easy

  1. Open an individual or group chat on WhatsApp
  2. Next to the text box where to write the message, presses the emoji icon and at the bottom, where you have to choose between emojis and GIFs, the Stickers option
  3. To add new sticker packs, press the “+” icon next to what you want to download, and wait for confirmation. If you want them to be animated, you will recognize them because they are they have the “Play” or “Play” icon next to their name. Enter to see them in motion before taking them down.

Send animated stickers with music

Messages with sounds and music are the next scale in speaking without words and expressing emotions with a single image. And if you want to add sounds to animated stickers – rather than integrating them into the sticker itself is that the sound plays parallel to the sticker animation -, you can and it is. In fact, there are several ways:

Send the sticker and audio from an app

The easiest way without a doubt, there are mobile apps that allow you to combine animated and audio stickers within the app itself and share them instantly on other networks and services like WhatsApp.

To do this download this app:

Download stickers and sounds (WAStickerApps) – Memetflix

Its advantage is that works with the official version of WhatsApp and does not need others or mods. The app offers you more than 200 ready stickers for sharing e a library of 150 sounds to choose from. So you can send all at once more easily.

Cut the audio and send it at the same time

This shape is a bit complex, because you are the one who has to do all the work. The first thing is to download one of the many apps that exist for cut songs and audio files. We leave you the links to two of the most voted on Google Play:

Download MP3 Cutter for Android

Download Audio Editor for Android

Now you have to choose which piece of which song, or audio of a video, sound or phrase / phrases of a person you want to play next to the sticker, and cut and edit it in one of the two applications above. When you have it ready, save it, find the animated sticker you want and send it together with the audio at the same time that you have prepared so that both are played at the same time.

Use a WhatsApp group

If you don’t want to pick, cut, edit, etc., the simplest and simplest solution is to ‘capture’ animated stickers that already have sounds from WhatsApp groups dedicated to it. Groups like this that we leave you from Stickerland Rewind IX, a group with more than 200 users dedicated simply to uploading animated and / or sound stickers.

To sign up you have to open the address we entered below from a browser on your mobile phone, or simply send it to a WhatsApp chat and open it from there:


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