WhatsApp: what does "Your security code has changed" mean?

WhatsApp: what does “Your security code has changed” mean?

The message “Your security code has changed” is currently disturbing for many WhatsApp users! If you have also received or seen this message, NextPit tells you what it means and how you can disable these annoying notifications.

Even though WhatsApp has often been criticized in terms of data protection, the instant messenger has been encrypting your chats for a few years now. The recently renamed “Meta” Facebook works with 60-digit security numbers, which are intended to protect messages from prying eyes from third parties. In November, many NextPit readers in Germany received the message “Your security number has changed”.

In one of our forums on the morning of November 5th, there were a number of people who posted in a thread regarding just this problem. It wasn’t just there, but also on Twitter where I ran into some really worried WhatsApp users. So, my curiosity was piqued and I decided to be adventurous by doing a little more research on the subject.

“Your security code has changed”: what does the message mean and how can I avoid it in the future?

WhatsApp updates security codes regularly and you usually don’t even notice. As WhatsApp wrote on its Security and Privacy page, this happens when one of your contacts reinstalls the instant messenger or changes their mobile number. The code is transferred automatically, but you may also wish to be notified of this issue. This can be done via a setting in WhatsApp.

  1. April settings of Whatsapp .
  2. Touch Account > Safety .
  3. From here, you can enable security notifications by tapping Show security notifications .

Maybe this was set to “On” and this is why you kept seeing such messages. However, WhatsApp may have changed some user security codes in November as well, which is why you received this message. Although I have asked WhatsApp for the exact reason behind this, I still haven’t received a response.

Basically, the fact that your (or someone else’s) security code has changed is no cause for alarm!

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