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WhatsApp, why don’t I see a newly added contact?

Immediacy. This is the magic word behind WhatsApp, an application included in the “Instant Messaging” group that is immediate and allows us to have a text, audio and / or video conversation in real time. And just as quickly she is adding a contact to talk to him. But sometimes it happens that you just saved a contact to send a message right away, you open your contact list and it doesn’t appear.

No contacts added to WhatsApp

What you can do This is what WhatsApp officially recommends:

Permissions for the WhatsApp app

The first thing is to make sure that you have granted the application the necessary permissions to access the mobile phone book. To do this you have to go to the Settings section of the terminal and enter the search engine ‘ Authorizations’, then search for the WhatsApp app and enter its configuration to search for them, or – according to the Android version you have – search in the Permissions manager the section Contacts and check if Whatsapp is included in the list.

Visibility of WhatsApp contacts

By entering the mobile phone book, you need to make sure that all accounts and groups are visible and not hidden.

Contact list to update

1- Open the WhatsApp app and, in the chat list, click the icon at the bottom right.

2- Now you will have opened the list of all your WhatsApp contacts : in this section you can also insert a new contact or create a new group.

3- Click the three vertical dots icon (in the upper right corner) and on the Update command

4- With the list of contacts updated you should be able to see that new contact you added

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