Who are The Pozzolis Family?

Who are The Pozzolis Family?

Almost 500 thousand followers on Instagram and many thousands of fans on Youtube, is the success created by Alice Mangione with her husband Giammarco Pozzoli that since 2017 have created the “The Pozzolis Family”, Through which they tell, with short comic videos, the life of their family.

Alice Mangione was born in Bergamo in 1984 and made her debut at a very young age alongside Marcello Macchia in “Never Say Tuesday” up Italy 1. Winner of the Cabaret Festival of Milan in 2006, of Cabaret in Rosa in 2009 and the critics’ award, he made his film debut with “Just married” from Luca Lucini in the same year. Then she acts in “A boyfriend for my wife” from Davide Marengo in 2014.

Come to success, however, with parody videos of the Youtuber AliceMakeUp; then comes the participation in “The Proof of the Eight” from Caterina Guzzanti and in 2014 he joined the cast of “Glob – Differently Italians” from Enrico Bertolino

With her husband she has two beautiful children, Giosuè, born in 2015 and Olivia Tosca, in 2017 who gladly take part in their parents’ videos.

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