Why do the Celestials avoid interfering with the events of the Avengers?

Why do the Celestials avoid interfering with the events of the Avengers?

Marvel introduced a whole new world of characters this year. With no projects released in 2020, they have made sure they can keep fans busy with more projects this year. With each project, we are presented with an entirely new part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that has never been referenced before.

This is essential as it plays a huge role in shaping the next great saga after the Infinity Saga ends. Fans are excited to see what great new event we could see. The new projects are conveying that there are greater things happening in the MCU that we may never have known.

With the Celestials finally making an appearance with Eternals And What If…?we wonder where they have been hiding all this time. Let’s take a look at the question: Why do all celestial beings avoid interfering in the major events that took place in the MCU?


According to the comics, Celestials are a powerful and ancient race of beings with abilities that include the manipulation of matter and energy. They are responsible for creating the Eternals. The next Eternals they will explore this exact story. Here we will see that the Celestials place the Eternals in charge of protecting the Earth from Deviants. It is said that to serve this purpose the Eternals had secretly lived on the planet for thousands of years. Not only that, the Eternals are also responsible for guiding humans through advancements on both the developmental side of technology and culture.

Celestials in the MCU

Why do the Celestials avoid interfering with the events of the Avengers?

Celestials have appeared numerous times in the MCU, mainly in the movies Guardians of the Galaxy . The place with the name of Knowhere it is actually the head of an ancient dead celestial being. Another character, Eson the Searcher, also makes an appearance. The Collector even referred to him as an immense being who lived long ago. Ego is also confirmed to be a Celestial in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Even if he’s not a celestial in the comics. The Watchers also make more appearances in those films. The Watcher, Uatu, finally has a major appearance on the Disney Plus show What If… ?. He is a divine figure who hails from the race of Watchers and observes all the events of the Marvel Multiverse.

Why don’t the celestials interfere?

Why do the Celestials avoid interfering with the events of the Avengers?

The upcoming show and movies could give us a clear answer as to why these beings did not get involved in the events that emerged in the MCU. One of the main moments of absence of interference in the recent episode of What If…? where we saw Uatu almost making an appearance before the Sorcerer Supreme. Doctor Strange ends up destroying his universe for a personal reason. He notices Uatu’s presence and asks for his help, but Uatu denies being involved. He states: ” I observe everything that happens here, but I don’t interfere, I can’t, I won’t interfere ”. He is satisfied with just watching these events unfold without being a part of them. Even Ego didn’t get involved in earthly matters except to create a son, Peter Quill, played by Chris Pratt, with an Earthman.

Why do the Celestials avoid interfering with the events of the Avengers?

These beings have defined roles and specific tasks that prevent them from interfering on Earth. The Celestials had defined the roles of the Eternals and therefore the Eternals did not interfere until the Deviants returned. Although we could see it in much more detail in the movie itself, but that’s all we can assume so far. The comics had provided a clue as to why the Watchers were not involved in universe affairs. They once became acquainted with a species called Prosilicans, but then that breed destroyed itself.

Why do the Celestials avoid interfering with the events of the Avengers?

While these can be considered possible reasons. Another reasoning could clearly be the fact that these characters were being saved for the next phase of Marvel. Involving them may have reduced the stakes for the Infinity Saga. If these preset rules weren’t mentioned, fans would consider it a big hole in the film’s plot.

More of these celestial beings will start appearing very soon. The Eternals will bring Arishem the Judge and Nezarr the Calculator. Thor: Love and Thunder will add another cosmic character: Zeus. It will be interesting to see what other great characters will appear in the MCU in the coming years.

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