Will Harrison Morgan have his own Dexter: New Blood spinoff series?

Will Harrison Morgan have his own Dexter: New Blood spinoff series?

Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) son Harrison (Jack Alcott) is expected to have his spin-off on Dexter: New Blood ? Harrison went on his own when he showed up in Iron Lake, New York, to find his long-lost father. He soon comes to light in the reboot of Dexter that Harrison struggles with his Dark Passenger. Like father, like son, right?

Harrison stays in Iron Lake with Dexter and begins carving out a life in the city. He goes to high school, works after class and occasionally attacks his classmates. Would Harrison’s story be enough to justify a spin-off series?

Harrison Morgan

Will Harrison have his own “Dexter: New Blood” spinoff series?

Dexter finally admits to Harrison in Dexter: New Blood Episode 8 struggling with his own Dark Passenger. Harrison’s bloodthirsty impulses prompted him to seek paternal understanding from Kurt Caldwell (Clancy Brown) because Dexter had not been clear about the same darkness as him. Rather than being disgusted by his father’s admission, Harrison is genuinely relieved. He hugs Dexter.

The preview of episode 9 for Dexter: New Blood introduces Dexter explaining Harry’s code to Harrison. Now that Harrison has father acceptance, will he act on his darker impulses than him and kill someone? At this point in the series, Harrison has injured other classmates, but he has yet to carry out the murder of someone.

A Harrison spin-off would need set rules.

Should a Harrison spinoff happen, the show should set rules for Dexter’s son. Would Harrison choose to follow in his father’s bloody footsteps and kill only those who killed others? Would you set the killer clause on him? Can Harrison Really Kill? These are questions that should be answered sooner or later.

The compelling thing about Dexter Morgan is the fact that he’s a confrontational man, a murderous man, yet audiences still cheer him on. The challenge with a Harrison spin-off would be to present Harrison with compelling reasons to act on his dark impulses in a way that doesn’t turn viewers off.

Another potential problem with a spin-off is the problem of Dexter and Harrison living in Iron Lake right under Angela Bishop’s (Julia Jones) nose. It’s hard to imagine two serial killers living in a small town besides Kurt Caldwell!

For a Harrison spin-off to work, either Dexter or Harrison would have to start over somewhere else. It would be interesting to see how Harrison carved out his own identity apart from Dexter.

Wait, has Showtime really confirmed a spin-off?

As of December 27, 2021, Showtime hasn’t confirmed a Harrison Morgan spinoff in the works. However, the network had also planned to terminate Dexter with Season 8, yet he brought back the titular killer for Dexter: New Blood .

Ideally, Showtime would use season 1 of Dexter: New Blood as a gateway to a Harrison spin-off, or it could hit a potential second season of Dexter: New Blood around Harrison’s journey as a killer. To reiterate, neither option has been officially confirmed by Showtime.

Harrison’s story depends on the outcome of the last two episodes of “Dexter: New Blood”.

A Harrison spin-off might work, but its fate depends on what happens in episodes 9 and 10 of Dexter: True Blood . So far Dexter has managed to keep his son safe. However, could Harrison’s choice to find his father cost him dearly? Will Dexter’s decision to educate Harrison on the code ironically lead to Harrison’s death?

Harrison’s future may be uncertain, but at least he finally knows he’s not alone.

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