Zoom, how to use keyboard shortcuts

Zoom, how to use keyboard shortcuts

When you are in the middle of a Zoom video meeting at home and your cat suddenly decides to start crying over dinner you may be faced with two sudden choices: either reach for your mouse or touchpad and start looking for the “Mute” button or you can use a quick keyboard shortcut to instantly mute the audio and not make a fool of yourself.

Zoom has a long list of keyboard shortcuts that you can use before or during a video conference.

Using these shortcuts, you can quickly join a meeting; mute and unmute the audio; start, pause and stop recording; switch from Loudspeaker (a large image of the person speaking) to Gallery (several images of equal size, regardless of who is speaking); and perform a variety of other tasks.

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Keyboard shortcuts available on Zoom

  • F6: Navigate through the Zoom pop-up windows.
  • Ctrl + Alt + Shift: Move focus to Zoom meeting controls
  • PageUp: Displays the previous 25 video stream in gallery view
  • PageDown: View next 25 video streams in gallery view
  • Alt: Toggle the Always show meeting control toolbar option in Accessibility Settings
  • Alt + F1: Switch to the view of active speakers in the video meeting
  • Alt + F2: Switch to the video view of the gallery in the video meeting
  • Alt + F4: close the current window
  • Alt + V: Start / Stop video
  • Alt + A: Mute / unmute audio
  • Alt + M: Mute / unmute audio for everyone except host Note: Meeting host only
  • Alt + S: Launch screen sharing window and stop screen sharing Note: Only works when the meeting control toolbar is active

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  • Alt + Shift + S: Start / stop new screen sharing Note: This will only work when the meeting control toolbar is active
  • Alt + T: Pause or resume screen sharing Note: Will only work when the meeting control toolbar is active
  • Alt + R: start / stop local recording
  • Alt + C: start / stop cloud recording
  • Alt + P: Pause or resume recording
  • Alt + N: Switch cameras
  • Alt + F: Enter or exit full screen
  • Alt + H: Show / hide the In-meeting Chat panel
  • Alt + U: Show / hide the Participants panel
  • Alt + I: Open the invitation window
  • Alt + Y: raise / lower hand
  • Alt + Shift + R: Get the remote
  • Alt + Shift + G: Stop the remote
  • Ctrl + 2: Read the name of the active speaker
  • Ctrl + Alt + Shift + H: Show / hide mobile meeting controls
  • Alt + Shift + T: Screenshot
  • Switch to vertical / horizontal view: Alt + L
  • Ctrl + W: Close the current chat session
  • Ctrl + Up: Go to the previous chat
  • Ctrl + Down: Go to the next chat
  • Ctrl + T: Switch to chat with someone
  • Ctrl + F: Search
  • Ctrl + Tab: Go to the next tab (right)
  • Ctrl + Shift + Tab: Go to the previous tab (left)

Obviously, the keys you press on a Mac or Windows PC will be different, but no matter what platform you use, these shortcuts can be really useful when you’re on a laptop Zoom call.

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